About Us

Established in 2005

Mirage is owned by two Armenian-American brothers.  We feature authentic family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Our fresh, homemade dishes are the same as those enjoyed by those residing around the Black Sea.  At Mirage, our Gourmet chicken, lamb, beef & pork kabobs share the menu.  We make a classic Russian Borscht.  Our Mushroom-Nuts Appetizer is an addictive spread of pureed mushrooms and nuts served with warm pita bread.

Our Armernian Salad consists of chopped cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes and onion.  Our fresh Vinaigrette Salad is made with beets, potatoes, kidney beans and cabbage and is perked up with cilantro.  We feature Khinkali, which are roly-poly steamed dumplings consisting of fresh dough wrapped around a tasty meat-and-vegetable filling.  Our succulent and tasty kabobs consist of skewered ground lamb, chicken, or beef.  Our Fried Russian Potatoes come showered with fresh dill and garlic.

We offer Than, a thinned, salted yogurt drink.  For dessert, leave room for our homemade Mikado Cake and napoleon pastry.  So make plans to visit the Mirage soon.  Reservations are recommended on Friday and Saturday nights, anytime you have a large group, or just want to be sure to be seated on your schedule.  See you at the Mirage Restaurant!  



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