I wanted borscht. Badly. So Caroline C. was kind enough to recommend Mirage on the yelp board ... and I am SO glad she did! For today's takeout order I went with the borscht and a gyro with rice. YUMMY! The borscht was piping hot when I got back to work to eat, so I had to wait. Bummer. I started on my gyro and rice ... and wow, that's good stuff! I still have half of that left to enjoy later, and I always love having leftovers. The borscht definitely satisfied. It was a decent sized container and I ate allll of it. MMMM!

It's close enough to where I work that I'll definitely get takeout for lunch a few times a month. There are so many things on the menu that I want to try, and the lady who works there was so sweet and wonderful! I also think it would be nice to try for dinner. Definitely recommend this place.

~Chrissy W.

I love this place; have enjoyed every meal I've ever eaten there; have taken 1 to 30+ people there at a time; and, if it were closer to my home I would go more often. As it is I get there a number of times each year and I've been going since they were in a smaller space down the strip. Mirage never fails to impress the friends I take with me.You can make a meal of the appetizers alone. Some favorites include the kibbe, baba ganoush, mushroom nuts and, if you like spicy/hot, the red pepper paste (I like to mix it with baba ganoush). As much as I enjoy the appetizers, I also can't resist the kabobs and Russian potatoes. The meat has always been delicious and tender.Last month, I hosted a dining out group of 39 people and had a wonderful, delicious time. Many in our group were experiencing Mirage for the first time and were very impressed. As others have stated, they do not have a liquor license so it is nice to be able to BYOB. Oh, yes, if you have room, order the Mikado cake, it's delicious!


Yummy Yummy !!

I had heard several great reviews about this place and tried it out this weekend, I am happy to say that the great reviews lived up to my expectations. The place was a very busy, we arrived at 8pm on Saturday, there were several large parties in and although the noise was pretty loud everyone was enjoying themselves and it was a great atmosphere. There were 4 of us dinig and to start we had the beet salad, mushroom nuts ( loved this, highly recommend it) hummus and pita bread, all very tasty and very fresh. The only issue with the beet salad was the large chunks of raw garlic in it, luckily I love garlic but it maybe a little to much for some palates.
The waitress asked at the time we placed the order would we like to order our main course, I was not sure what i wanted so asked her to give me 5 minutes, well the appetizers came and went and she never came back to take the rest of the order, as they were so busy I think she forgot, luckily we were in no rush but it could have caused an issue for some. Myself and a friend ordered the chicken and beef kabobs, my husband had the gyros plate and another had just the chicken kabob. The food came out quickly and was perfectly cooked, the beef melted in your mouth, it was wonderful. The side salad was tasty, the rice side was a little bland, but both meats on my plate just couldnt be faulted. Everyone else really enjoyed their meals, my husbands gyros was packed with fresh meat and sauces, he loved it.
I love the fact that its BYOB, keeps the cost down majorly and means you can take a great bottle of wine for a third of what you would normally pay for it in a restuarant. They had live music on and although a little loud if you were planning a romantic night for two, our table enjoyed it and it added to the evening and ambiance. I will be back again and recommend this place for a fun evening, with good food and even better prices.

~Joe Dee

Have been a customer there for years. LOVE the new place, next door to the old one. Lovely decor, same delicious fresh food in portions large enough for two! Chicken shish kebabs are divine. Highly recommend!
Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

~James Wilson

"Enjoyed it. Will return."

We visited Mirage with friends and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Please remember to bring your own bottle--which we knew in advance and visited a nearby wine/beer store and planned accordingly. My wife and I tried to visit 2-3 years ago when they were in a much smaller space, could not get in, so it was good to finally get in. The new, expanded space is nice. I liked hte large painting of (I presume) Mount Ararat over the cashier's stand. Sampler appendizer platter was wonderful. The baba and hummus were perfect. They have the best pita bread I've had in some time. Stuffed grape leaves, dolmatas I think in Greek, forgot the correct name at least in Armenian which is the basic couisine of Mirage, was great. My wife had the kibbee (Armenian spelling?) and it was great. I had the lamb shank and it was really good. The Russian potatoes were really good. The server was very attentive, very friendly and was really cool about taking our beer to the frig and bringing it back when it looked like we needed more. There was a slight language barrier but she was so, so pleasant it wasn't an issue. The prices were extremely reasonable in light of the food quality. It's a little out of the way for us to visit too often but I look forward to trying Mirage again.

~Biffburley Cincinnati, Ohio

"Best Kabobs ever, love the BYOB"
My husband and I been frequenting Mirage for years and it is our favorite restaurant... ever! Perfectly seasoned kabobs are the highlight of the menu: chicken, lamb, beef, pork, it does not matter, all are delicious and tender. Some of our favorite appetizers are the carrot paste, babaganush, and red pepper paste. The lentil soup is outstanding. Plus, with their BYOB policy you can bring your favorite adult beverages. The staff are always very nice and helpful and the owner is wonderful. We once had family in from out of town and came over for dinner when they were having one of their nights when the Russian singers were performing and the place was packed to capacity. We thought we would have to go elsewhere but the owner recognized us and squeezed us in at a small table. We were so thankful! Our family loved the food. Everyone we bring there enjoys it. Can't say enough good things about Mirage!

~ ABPtraveler

We have eaten at this restaurant (both in the restaurant and for carry out) for the last several years. The restaurant is a comfortable, friendly place, the staff is courteous, and the service is excellent. Oh yes, the food is AMAZING! I am particularly fond of their kabobs and cheese pie.

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value

~Ryan Kerrigan

Good Value
This is a favorite place. We often meet European friends there. Being a BYOB spot, dinner is very reasonable and I have never been made to feel like I had to leave.
We love an assortment of appetizers, especially their hummus, and "mushroom nuts." The carrot paste concoction is quite tasty as well.
We are chicken/beef/or lamb kabobers. We prefer the Med. salad of fresh tomato, onion, pepper.
Try it out! But don't forget to bring your own.


Love this place!

 wish I could try something else instead of the chicken and beef kabobs combo, but it is so good that I order it every time I go there. The rice is awesome too!

~Spoken Like a Queen

I was visiting from Las Vegas and discovered this restaurant in a strip mall. I decided to try it, and I'm glad I did.


I've always had trouble finding restaurants that featured high-quality vegetarian fare, regardless of ethnicity.


I ordered two appetizers, eggplant caviar and tabouli, and was shocked and how good they were. The eggplant caviar (listed as "eggplant paste" on the menu) is by far the best-tasting Mediterranean dish I've ever eaten. I enjoyed it so much, I ordered it a second time.


The service was good, and the food, exceptional. I only wish there was a restaurant like this where I live. I'll definitely eat here again the next time I'm in Cincinnati.

~Paul Boyer

I can not say enough good things about this place. The service is great, the atmosphere cozy and the food - SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I've tried the chicken and it was out of this world.

~Katrina Waugh

I am in love with this place.  Romantic atmosphere, great food, friendly and respectful servers; seriously, what more are you looking for?  Fantastic lamb (had to find in Cinci), unique and delicious appetizers,  and perfectly matched side dishes coupled with very reasonable prices make the Mediterranean Restaurant a hidden gem and one of my short-list favorites.  Try the Russian Potatoes, they're soooo good!  Actually, you know what, I changed my mind; stay away from this place.  I don't want to see it ruined by becoming too popular!

~Bruce P.

I love their felafel wrap. I get it as takeout for lunch maybe weekly. Super value, too, for a great lunch treat.

~Richard Robinson

Excellent lunch gyros!

~Ian Stuart

We went there on a week night for dinner. The restaurant was relatively empty. We tried their Lentil Soup (excellent with a lemon wedge), Basturma (loved it - a very unique taste - another excellent use of fenugreek), Chebureki, and the lamb kabob with russian potatoes. We will revisit soon -


“Our New Favorite Place!!”
5 of 5 stars

We love this place! We had been looking for a restaurant locally that serves delicious kabobs, and we found it! Mirage serves mouthwatering kabobs! We always get the combo kabobs, so we can share. The chicken, lamb and beef kabobs are well seasoned with a great marinade and grilled to perfection. I love it when there is a bit of char on the meat. Tasty! The lentil soup is really good, and they make excellent hummus. Very delicious with nice lemon and garlic flavors, and good, warm pita to enjoy it with. Another highlight are the Russian potatoes. So good, and a great value!



I had read so much about melting pot, that u wanted to go there, but since it was friday night, we had to wait, and since I was really hungry, we decided to try something closeby. I had 2 choices which I hadn't been to Korea house and mirage. Decides to give this a shot and trust me it was mouth watering. We wanted the spice levels to be on the higher side and trust me they had perfected it. Try the chicken or lamb kobab and than( an amazing drink made with youghurt). For those Indians out in cinci .... It's taste like home food. Than is more like lassi.

~Ipsitha Bangalore

“I'm swooning now remembering their delectable food.”

I hesitate to give this good review as I'd like to keep the Mirage my secret. But I want to see them do well so they are always open when I travel the 4 1/2 hrs to Cincinnati to pick my daughter up from school to stop in for one of the best meals I have had in my life. I have had some truly wonderful meals traveling the southern provinces of the old USSR, Bulgaria, and a few Middle Eastern countries, but never as good as at the Mirage. The Mirage's recipes are flavored from areas all about the Black Sea. The flavor of their dishes is incredible. I ache for the beet salad, kabobs, Khinkali dumplings, and Russian potatoes so delicately spiced with crispy edges. The owners and family members working there are very personable and the prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of food. I wish they would do a cookbook!!


“Food, Fun, Music, Dancing and Good times”

Looking for an authentic, Mediterranean Restaurant that is fun. Come here.. They have kebabs, middle eastern appetizers, Russian style blinis, cheese pockets, meat pockerts, borscht and salads. The owners are from Armenia originally, large parties of families and friends frrom the Former Soviet Union are here. Combine this with regularly scheduled music and occasional bellydancing and you have a fun affordable evening. They do not have a liquor license and most people bring in their own wine and alcohol. There is no corkage fee. Guests are very friendly, inviting other guests to join in dancing to the music.or translating lyrics to songs. Have a great time.


“Personal service, delicious food. The...”
4 of 5 stars

Personal service, delicious food. The beef shishkebob is exceptional. The baklava is a sin(ask for it before leaving). The wonderful family who owns it shows it's appreciation daily, treating customers with consistent, scrumptious meals and a smile. We love this place!



Let me start off by stating that I am a vegetarian.
This is consistantly the best Mediterranean food ever. The food is always delicious; the combination of tastes and textures, perfect. In fact, whenever I eat there, I always order extra so I can enjoy this food again the next day. Having good bread is of primo importance for a restaurant, and Mirage comes through on this. The pita is tasty and light. 
There is no liquor license, so bring your own. And they don't even charge a corkage fee.
This restaurant is becoming very popular, so I suggest you call first during busy times to make a reservation. 
When crowded, service can be slow. But if you know this ahead of time, just sit back and enjoy your wine and conversation.
Every friend I have brought here, has just loved it.
It is true that the door opens right into the restaurant, so depending on where you are sitting, you may get a blast of cold or hot air. I do wish they would put up a screen of some sort.

And saving the best for last--They have the best baklava I have ever tasted! (They make it themselves. You may want to reserve a piece or 2 at the beginning of your meal.)


“We eat here often”
4 of 5 stars

I am of Lebanese decent and love middle eastern cuisine. My wife and I eat here at least once a month, sometimes more often. It is a small restaurant and is crowded on the weekends, but it is worth the wait. Bring your own wine/beer/alcohol, as they do not have their liquore license yet.

Good variety of menu items, some are unique. Baklava is the best we've ever had. Food is always fresh and tasty. I expect them to grow and expand, if that is in their plans. We've tried other Mediterranean restaurants in Cinti, this is #1 for us.


“My favorite Mediterranean cousine in Cincinnati”

We've been to Mirage several times and never had a bad experience. Every time we introduce Mirage to our friends, they become regular visitors there. Decor of this cozy place is modestly pretty, the food is always good, and considering the price, the food is fantastic. All their appetizers are very tasty, and you can not go wrong with any of their cabobs. For a side dish, save the rice for a Chinese restaurant and order Russian style homemade potatoes. Service is fast and friendly. Bring your own favorite wine and save some more greens. There is no even extra charge for the "cork service". If you like Mediterranean food, I strongly recommend to give Mirage a try.


Mirage is hands down my favorite restaurant in the greater Cincinnati area! I am especially fond of their carrot paste appetizer and the slice of lamb was as fantastic as it looked.

~Anne Bresnahan

I am in love with this place.  Romantic atmosphere, great food, friendly and respectful servers; seriously, what more are you looking for?  Fantastic lamb (had to find in Cinci), unique and delicious appetizers,  and perfectly matched side dishes coupled with very reasonable prices make the Mediterranean Restaurant a hidden gem and one of my short-list favorites.  Try the Russian Potatoes, they're soooo good!  Actually, you know what, I changed my mind; stay away from this place.  I don't want to see it ruined by becoming too popular!

~Bruce P.